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We are 3 PETITS POINTS, a group of artists based in Paris France, whose mission is to craft the first most beautiful “throwback” of newlywed couples.

We are initially filmmakers who, one day, spent away from set, experimented shooting a wedding. The praise and the love we received was so gratifying that 3 Petits Points was born.
Isn’t it how babies are born though? Out of love? :-P

Needless to say, we find in weddings, emotions that we cannot find in fiction: real stories unfolding, real people interacting, and real reactions erupting.


Our goal is not only to film, but rather to capture the authenticity of a moment and translate it into a contemporary film.

With all the technical skills we mastered in film, and above all, with our greatest passion for storytelling:

We make sure to bring back the seen and the unseen moments, the big and the subtle details of your unique event. 

We make sure your wedding doesn’t become only a memory in a corner of your mind.

And at the end of the journey, we make sure we leave you 3 PETITS POINTS in your heart ...


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