About 3 petits points


We are 3 PETITS POINTS, a group of artists based in Paris France, whose mission is to craft the first most beautiful “throwback” of newlywed couples. We are initially filmmakers who, one day, spent away from set, experimented shooting a wedding. The praise and the love we received was so gratifying that 3 Petits Points was born. Isn’t it how babies are born though? Out of love? :-P

Needless to say, we find in weddings, emotions that we cannot find in fiction: true stories unfolding, true people interacting, and true reactions erupting. Being able to make brides and grooms relive their wedding, years after years, is a responsibility that we are honored to carry. But what makes us feel like Oscar winners is when we can witness our couples smile or cry during our Same Day Edit films.

In summary, we are filmmakers turned into passionate wedding filmmakers. We can keep talking about this passion forever, however…

How about we talk about your wedding now! :-)



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